Monday, December 3, 2012

Sculpture with Edward Eyth and Tip of the Month

Did you know we will be having a sculpture workshop next year in June.

Edward Eyth 

Figurative Sculpture

Edward Eyth provides artists with insights attained throughout his extensive career as artist, designer, college instructor and director of the Richard MacDonald Masters Workshops for over five years.

His drawing and sculpture workshops include discussions and comprehensive demonstrations that provide participants with methods for genuine artistic advancement. Working from a live model each day, students come to understand and assimilate the habits and methods that facilitate a solid, consistent artistic process. A dependable studio process promotes self-reliance and an inherent freedom for unhindered creative expression.

In the three day program we do a new pose each day, and while it doesn't provide time for a lot of detail & refinement, it DOES motivate a faster process.  With the luxury of 5 days, we could still do three figures, but spend two days on two of the poses.  Or 4 figures, spending 2 days on one of the poses.
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Tip of the month:
 Fast Gesso Panel:
You can easily mount linen to a board with gesso.
Just seal the board, paint gesso all over liberally. Then paint gesso all over,: the cut to size linen.
Lay it on the board both painted sides facing. use a brayer.
Paint Gesso all over the right side of the linen. Brayer again. Wash brayer.
Let dry, sand down and gesso again, sand again or leave the texture.
The linen will shrink a bit. After this process, you can use Gamblin Ground for an oil finish, or use it like it is. I like my substrates smooth and will sand and layer.