Monday, November 11, 2013

Capturing Humanity

One of our goals at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio (WIFAS) is to bring exemplary teachers to host workshops so that our students get the best possible instruction to help each one improve as an artist. We are pleased to have artist couple Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon hosting an oil painting workshop in portraits at WIFAS in July 2014.

Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon are award-winning artists who travel the world and paint its occupants. They enjoy passing on the knowledge that they have received from teachers who were significant to them in their artistic development. Scott is known for his ability to capture the humanity of subjects as well as his mastery of color and light. Susan is admired for her sensitivity and delicacy of hand, especially in portraits.

These two artists have the special knack for getting inside an artist’s head and making it come out your hand. With the unusual ability to easily go back and forth between both sides of the brain, Scott and Susan make great teachers because they can communicate while they paint to help other artists understand their process. This coupled with Scott and Susan’s ability to put their students at ease creates a wonderful learning environment. In addition to working to make the atmosphere comfortable and accepting, Scott and Susan also make a point of spending time with each artist in the class so that all students receive input from both teachers.

This workshop is sure to be an excellent experience for everyone who attends. However, if you are not able to attend, but want to learn from these master painters, you can:

The most powerful learning tool is in-person, hands-on instruction. That’s what WIFAS is about, nurturing your artist talent and soul!