Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nourishment for Your Soul

With so many art workshops across the country and even internationally, choosing the right instructor and setting for an art class can be overwhelming. 

Why come to Whidbey Island for your next art class? What sets Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio (WIFAS) apart from other art studies offering art workshops? 

Our motto “Feeding the Artistic Soul” sums up what we do. A workshop at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio will feed your artist's soul in three unique ways. 

1. Our picturesque, pastoral setting. 
Whidbey Island, located across the Puget Sound just 30 miles from Seattle, is a wonderful place for relaxation and tranquility. WIFAS’s location in Langley, a quaint historical village, offers views of the water. In addition, the island’s farms, forests, bluffs, and beaches provide the foregrounds to many aquatic vistas. The quiet and romantic surroundings that are so much a part of the Whidbey Island experience help to restore and feed every artist’s soul. Coming to a workshop at WIFAS is like taking a relaxing vacation with picturesque gardens and farms, and water, island, and mountain views in every direction. 

2. Personalized approach. 
Each workshop offered at WIFAS includes personalized instruction for the artists in attendance. There is always plenty of room for everyone to have their own easel with elbow room to allow creative juices to flow. We place an emphasis on utilizing seasoned artists who provide good instruction delivered in such a manner that it sticks with our attendees long after they go home, continuing to strengthen and nourish each soul. In addition, WIFAS ensures that our students’ needs are attended to, from delicious snacks to personal questions answered.


3. Class dinner. 
Every workshop presented by Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio includes a dinner hosted by Cary Jurriaans in her home for the instructor and all the students in the class. For many students, this dinner is a highlight of their time at WIFAS as they get to interact with their instructor and the other students in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. We guarantee the food will be delicious, ensuring that it feeds your soul as well as your stomach. 

You can find a list of our upcoming workshops on our website at http://whidbeyislandfas.com/workshops.html. Sign up for one or more of our upcoming workshops and get the nourishment your artistic soul.