Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workshop with Qiang Huang
Fabulous demos with this artist during our workshop. Qiang has a distinct style, one can recognize it from far.

"Qiang Huang is the most thoughtful artist I know and an excellent communicator, both in words and writing. Before he makes a stroke on canvas, he has fully evaluated the hue, the color value, the intensity, and whether the color is transparent or opaque. Only then does he place the stroke exactly where he wants it. Working with Qiang has changed my thinking about oil painting. Wonderful workshop!

Barbara Benedetti Newton
Qiang also did a wonderful portrait demonstration: 

Here in Langley our 2nd Street has been torn up for a couple of months for a major remodel and will be finished mid June. There has been heavy equipment all over the place, and pedestrians have been detoured to alleys and back ways. Getting from place to place is a bit more of an adventure than usual. It will be over soon and the result will be wonderful.