Monday, June 13, 2011

Plein Air with John Budicin

John Budicin will be teaching part of the five-day Plein Air workshop at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio (WIFAS) next month. Born in Italy, John was 11 when his family moved to Southern California. John has won many awards and honors for his work and he is willing to share his award-winning techniques with you.

Read our recent interview with John to get a feel for who he is as an artist.

Q: When did your interest in art begin and how long have you been an artist?
A: My interest in art began when I was a young child. I have been in the art field since 1969. I began as an apprentice doing layouts and then I became the art director. I then worked doing illustrations before devoting all my time to fine art.

Q: What do you seek to communicate through your art or your art instruction?
 A: I teach plein air. I stress is shapes, values and design. I believe you should begin with a simple statement and do not chase the light. I have always found painting outdoors to be exhilarating.  Mother Nature is the best teacher, and if you make a commitment to be out there day after day, she will "speak" to you. 

Q: What drives you as an artist?
A: I am driven to do better today then what I did yesterday. I have painted in many different places including China. When I want to paint, I head out the door to find a scene that will spark my interest.  This may take hours, or it may take minutes.  What tends to catch my eye is the light—the pattern and contrast created on the subject, or the warm glow of a late afternoon bathing a particular landscape.  I'll sometimes drive around, searching everywhere for the right spot, or it may be right in front of me, waiting to be painted.  

Q: What is a recent piece of art you created and what inspired you to paint it?
A: Catalina Island is one of my favorite places to paint. The interior of the island is like old California. There are a few paintings of the island I feel good about. To choose just one is almost impossible. This painting Spring Forward is of Two Harbors, Catalina Island. My inspiration usually comes from light and atmosphere.

Q: Do you have a favorite brand of paints, brushes, or canvas that you use?
A: Robert Simmons Signet series is a favorite brush of mine. Most oil brands are fine. My personal preference depends on the color. I especially like Grumbacher brand for Cerulian Blue Hue, Cad Yellow Orange and Thalo Yellow Green. For all the other colors I use one of the following brands: Utrecht, Grumbacher, or Gamblin.

Q: What advice do you have for artists seeking to improve their work?
A: Never settle! 

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