Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend with the Masters

September 10,2012

Just back from Weekend with the Masters, a fabulous 5 days put on by American Artist.
The first day I had a portrait workshop with Jeremy Lipking, absolutely amazing. Wonderful artist, hope he will come to Whidbey one day.
Demo in progress by Jeremy Lipking
Jeremy loves the long haired badger brushes, he has incredible control with them. His colors are soft.

The next day was Daniel Gerhartz. Also amazing, actually they were all incredible painters!See his demo:

 The next one was Carolyn Andersen, boy would I like to have her teach at WIFAS.

 The following are demos by Sherrie McGraw and Rose Frantzen. The painted on stage at the same time and with very different styes and techniques, it was hilarious....

 Rob is having a serious conversation or contemplating his whiskey....
 an beautiful Juliette
 Julie and Alexey, what a character!! and fabulous artist
 Last but not least Quang Ho, masterful and fun..

I feel enriched and lucky to have been part of all this,
Happy Painting, Cary


  1. Looks like a great time -- sorry I couldn't join you there, Cary!

  2. By the way, the previous comment was left by Michele Rushworth -- don't know why it shows me as an "unknown" user!