Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Golucho coming to Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio in September, can you help?

Well, we did it. Our first Indiegogo campaign through Fractured Atlas (our large arts non profit that fiscally sponsors us!)
We would so appreciate any help we can get.

This is a workshop no other art school offers and an opportunity for artists to make a leap to the next level. 

Golucho is a highly regarded European painter on the level of LUCIEN FREUD, VINCENT DESIDERIO and  ODD NERDRUM. We want to provide the opportunity for advanced level artists to glean inspiration from this exceptional artist. We request assistance to ensure that this unique workshop will be offered. The number of seats are limited and we want to make the workshop as accessible as possible. We would also like to offer one scholarship for a  qualified student.

If you involve yourself in debates about the process of painting, it will not take long for you to realize that some view the  mastery of technical skills will result in a good painting- specifically from an academic standpoint.  However, a  painting can be solid,  without strict adherence to mastery of skills.  Technical skills as a painter are important but not everything.
 What makes a painting 'great' is the unique spark that rests within it-- a spark that makes what is being viewed more than just a painting on canvas. Often the deeper you dig within yourself-- who you are-- the more powerful your art will be. So in that sense the mastery of the art of painting is not all about technical mastery of skill-- it is also about mastering yourself. In other words, mastering your authentic voice expressed visually on canvas. That connection can be more valuable to a painting than just skill alone.

Lupe Galvez: "I was involved in getting Golucho to come visit my school at that time (The New York Academy) to give studio crits. I had the opportunity to visiting  him in Spain as well while I was involved in a workshop with Antonio Lopez Garcia. Golucho's work is very amazing when you see it in person, you get a feeling that you are standing in front of something unqiue and indescribable. Golucho is someone who is incredibly intelligent, poetic and philosophical. His observations really hit at the core of something and go far beyond the technical approach."


The ongoing ability to continue to run this school, offer workshops of high caliber artists, contribute to the quality of South Whidbey Island, educating young people and employing artists, so they can continue their work.

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