Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Painting with a Master

Beyond Skill.
As an artist one learns all the techniques to make a painting.  In this class Golucho wants the students to reach a higher level that brings them beyond skill and into the realm of understanding the emotions that make that painting speak to them and others.  He would like them to find their voice, connecting emotionally to the subject matter.  In some way he would have them understand the trigger that would connect them to their painting.  Could it be the color you choose when you view the model; her aura, that reminds you of someone you love?  Is it the Still Life setup that makes you ready to paint?

The first day is difficult; getting over travel exhaustion; adjusting to the style of teaching; the environment; getting to know the other students; where to go for lunch on and on.  Did I bring the right materials (never)!  Am I going to run over the bunnies when I leave?

Today, I met Golucho, his interpreter, Mindy, daughter, Alma, and several students. The story today is the students.  They have traveled from as far away as Chile, the East Coast, British Columbia and Kirkland.  They have jobs as artists, work at Microsoft, Atelier in Denver, one was born in Russia and works in New York.  I spoke to a woman that knows what Navy life is all about.  Several speak Spanish!
Golucho has attracted a wide range of artists to come to our little town in Langley!  We who live here know they will have a wonderful time.  Cary will feed them tomorrow night, they will drink a little wine, laugh, enjoy the view and make friends.  Welcome to this week in International Langley!
Larine (monitor) 
Golucho and Pedro
Gabriella, Barb, Elsa & Sara?

Golucho's daughter Alma and Mindy (interpreter)

 I know at least 7 languages were spoken during this seminar.

Mandy, Cary & ?
Carys warm friendly kitchen


Claudia from Whidbey
Model and students
Lorine's portfolio work


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