Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wrong frame can drag down you art.
You must consider the lighting, framing finishes and color that compements your art work.
My friend Linda Hogan has company called artreadyframes, .
The frames she carries are mostly seamless and very inexpensive.
Then the option remains to make something really special. Check out our one day workshop at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle.
Walker Hall has worked with a leading framer and gilder in the Seattle area. He really knows how to make framing very special and believe me, it can make or break you artwork.

Selling your Art
It is important if you want to sell your art, to always show your best work, put aside the artwork that is ok or not ok, it will drag down the rest. You need your best work to show. (advice from Richard Schmid). In the past, you could show your art and sell it no matter what, your art speaks for itself.

Ask yourself wy people should buy YOUR art. There are many good artists around, what is different about yours. Even people with money want a reason to buy your work.
They can find many other good artists in galleries, at art shows and online.

They will buy your art if it is good enough and they will buy your art if it speaks to them
People will also buy your art if YOU speak to them.
Improve yourself, read books, take workshops, get together with other artists for critique or find a mentor.
Speak to your clients, tell them you concept when you were making the artwork, write it in the description of the piece.
Always be there when you have an opening or show and talk to customers.
Most of us make art, because it means something to us, tell the customer what it means to you.
Education = skill = confidence = art

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