Monday, April 11, 2011

Grape Demonstration with Jeff Legg

We recently hosted a three-day workshop with Jeff Legg, an honored award-winning Oil Painter of America Master.  During this three-day class, Jeff demonstrated his approach to still life from the concept to set up and lighting and the progression to the finished work.

One demonstration Jeff provided for the class was of a cluster of grapes. In the following photos, you can see his progression from the initial blocking in the masses to the finishing touches.

This first photo shows blocking in the masses.

This second photo is where Jeff started to bring out the grapes from the mass and added some highlighting of the individual grapes.

In this third photo, Jeff added some green while still carefully observing the grapes.

Then he added the “magic” blush to the grapes.

Finally, through some added transparency, the painting took shape.

Of course, a finished painting will take much more time and work than a demonstration, but these photos can give you an idea of the progression Jeff demonstrated. Watching a master demonstrate techniques is a great way to learn to incorporate new techniques into your own paintings. 

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